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News 17th November

18 November 2021

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Contractors have commenced the construction of a new residential development in Bacton, whilst three other significant developments are expected to commence soon after Christmas, with the construction work likely to last several years. A meeting has been held between representatives from Bacton Parish Council, County and District Councillors, three of the developers and Haughley Parish Council.


It was agreed that the respective traffic management plans would nominate the B1113 as the main haul route with access to the centre of Bacton via Clay Land and Turkey Hall Lane. This should limit the amount of construction traffic passing through Haughley, but it is almost inevitable that some related construction traffic will pass through Haughley.


Haughley Parish Council has identified areas in the Parishes of Haughley and Bacton that need to be considered carefully by the developers to minimise the impact on residents and property in the Parishes. These matters are to be considered in preparing the respective traffic management plans.


It has been agreed to continue liaison between the respective Parish Councils and developers to limit and mitigate the impact of traffic to and from the development sites on our respective Parishes.