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Gallowsfield Wood

List of Haughley Parish Council, Gallowsfield Wood Committee, here



Squirrels. You either love them or loathe them. The problem with squirrels is that they do enormous damage to trees and they just love to eat bird’s eggs, consequently our trees are suffering and there is a notable absence of birds in our woodland. The Management Committee has decided that their numbers need to be reduced, so during the winter and spring some necessary culling will take place. This will be done professionally, and on occasions parts of the woodland will be taped off to give restricted access whilst this work is carried out.

Call for volunteers! Could you spare an hour or two to help out with various tasks that must be carried out this autumn, most importantly reducing some of the undergrowth in the arboretum. Please turn up if you can, with loppers, goggles and gloves at 10.00 on Sunday November 4th.

A date for your diary, particularly if you are a dog owner. Boxing Day is traditionally a time for blowing away the cobwebs after Christmas, so this year why not take the dog to Gallowsfield to see how many dogs we can assemble at one time? Mass dog walking at Gallowsfield Wood will be at 11.00 on Boxing Day. Please come even if you don’t have a dog!

Check out our website for information and problem reporting:


Geoffrey Kay. Chairman Gallowsfield Wood Committee.



Tree Walks & Fun Tree Identification Day - Sunday July 15th


The organiser is Gary Battell, the County Woodland Officer, and it has been aimed at Tree Wardens.


Gary is going to lead two walks, at 10.30 and 2.00, each to last about an hour and a half. In the afternoon two of the original designers of the arboretum will be in attendance. Also Matthew Allen, who did work for us over the winter, will be in attendance.


Dave Collinge will be on site with his chuck wagon - you might like to sample his fare!


Gary is going to produce a booklet, available on the day, which will then be available for further distribution.


I will try to do a litter pick before next Sunday - if anybody could do similar it would be much appreciated.


I hope to see you there.


Geoffrey Kay


See all the photos of the tree management on the alternative site for Gallowsfield Wood HERE


MARCH 7, 2017


……..to Bill, Judy, Barry & Richard, who repaired the damaged notice board, and to Bruce who single handedly cleared a huge fallen tree, and Dave who provided us all with coffee.

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28th November 2016 

Gallowsfield Wood is here for ALL to enjoy, especially dogs. 

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I still think that there's a Troll under the bridge!