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News - 17th December

17 December 2017

'Tree Fellers' seen in Gallowsfield Wood.

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News - 1st December

1 December 2017

This winter (probably December) we will be doing tree thinning in the wood. This is the second phase of a project initially planned by Suffolk County Council before the Parish took over the ownership of the wood.
The aim of the work is to introduce more light and space into the wood, making it easier for trees to grow and also a better environment for a broader range of plants and wildlife. However, as we know from the last time such work was done, this will mean that parts of the wood will appear somewhat devastated immediately after the work. But we also know that it will return to a more natural looking state quite quickly, once regrowth occurs in the spring. The team doing the work will also be leaving some of the brushwood on the ground, which some may see as being untidy, but this is done deliberately to create habitats for wildlife.
The work will be done by experienced contractors, who carried out the first phase of the project, and will also be monitored by Suffolk County Council's woodland advisor.
The work should only take a few days and we will put notices up in advance once the contractors have confirmed a date. We hope that users of the wood won't be too disturbed by this.
Richard Stacy

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